Our Work to Date

Wales Institute of Digital Information


Our Research for the Welsh Government Report is based around the IT systems and database that connects to the patients’ medical records and aims to identify any changes that have taken place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Working in parallel with a commercial development team, our Research and Development (R&D) is moving at a pace to establish a rigorous academic validation of key decisions using psychological research and User Experience Design (UXD) principles.

Using the UXD principles will identify what the citizen will want when accessing their patient record, with the key issues of including the impact of a low understanding of medical risks and the sensitivity on medical data presentation.



Intelligent Patient Monitoring through AI now has the capability to support remedial lifestyle change recommendations for the patient to prevent potential future illnesses.

By using developed techniques and partnering with an SME for product
development and sales we are well down the road to rolling out our IPHM tool.



In addition to supporting the delivery of academic qualifications, WIDI through its partnership is also able to support the delivery of bespoke credit based modular courses based on departmental digital training needs within the health and care environment. Delivered to specific groups by lecturers who are experts in their specialised fields of digital technology, those attending gain invaluable benefit of attending a short course related to their service needs. Bespoke courses recently delivered include: Digital Visualisation and User Experience.



Accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS) to Chartered IT Professional (CITP) level the Digital Degree Apprenticeship courses available through WIDI have also been developed in collaboration with us. In doing so, those studying for their digital degrees have the full confidence of knowing that their studies will be relevant to their work environment and are recognised worldwide for their high standard of course delivery. Subjects include: Applied Software Engineering, Applied Data Science and Applied Cyber Security Management. Additionally, new Degree Apprenticeship courses, being promoted by WIDI, have become available including Digital and Technology Solutions, Digital and Technology Solutions (Cyber) and Cloud Software Development.

More than 80 students are currently studying for their Digital Degree Apprenticeships and over 50% are NHS Wales staff supported by WIDI.



Our international work in WIDI has taken us across the continents to China where the global world of digital health and care has given us opportunities to offer academic studies in courses developed here in Wales by our academic partners.

Our close relationship with the Municipal Region of Chongqing, China and the academic institutions within enables us to gain deeper understandings of service delivery in a different culture and diversity.

Collaborative opportunities with the Municipal Region of Chongqing have included: Translation into Mandarin of academic course delivery and Guest Speaker at the
UK/China Data Forums.



A partnership between academic and health institutions has an array of knowledge and talent that can be fully utilised in both directions.

Having access to experts in their fields offers students an opportunity to hear of first-hand experiences which stimulates study as well as giving an insight into how it all works in the real world.

Our digital health and care professionals are encouraged to play a big part in the delivery of academic services including course module development and masterclass delivery.

Academic delivery opportunities for digital health and care professionals have included topics such as Information Governance and Security, Digital Health Care Projects and National Programme Management.



Our Internship opportunities for students to work on exciting digital projects in live health care settings enabling the skills learnt whilst studying to be tested in real world environments.

With our partnership including the dynamic digital arm of NHS Wales, WIDI is in the perfect position to support interns with opportunities to lead to a progressive career within the NHS.

To date, Intern opportunities have included: Analysis and Data Management and Systems Development.



Developing and encouraging the digital health and care workforce of the future plays a big role in the way WIDI works. By enabling students to spend a year working within digital health and care gives them an in-depth insight of what it is really like to be in on the action.

Students are given opportunities to contribute to the development, implementation and maintenance of the live digital systems which offers invaluable experience and a possible option of a career within NHS Wales. Previous opportunities have included: National Digital Programme Development.

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